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Call for Papers

3rd International Symposium, Visualisation in Business Intelligence and Open Data

21, 22, 23 and 24 July 2015

The University of Barcelona ● Barcelona ● Spain ●



As a part of IV2015 - 19th International Conference Information Visualisation


This VBI-OD session focuses on two important issues and inter-dependent domains in which visualisations can play a key role. Business Intelligence (BI) is a domain where data, knowledge and users are tightly related. Data in BI are stored in Data Warehouses and are generally large, heterogeneous, geo-localized and time-dependent. Visualisations in BI must be intuitive and must support an interactive, collaborative and ubiquitous discovery process. These visualisations must deal both with the exploration of data and knowledge, and also with the presentation of results to managers.

 Open Data (OD) share common properties with BI from the data analysis and visualisation points of view. OD represents a recent issue that concerns the free delivery of a huge amount of information produced by public or privateorganizations and other data providers. Such Open Datasets cover various topics including politics, taxes, citizens, cities, health, education etc. The users who wish to explore such datasets are often citizens, journalists, politicians,managers and other data or business analysts. In this area, the visualisations are expected to help the users in their exploration of this huge amount of information. This may concern various aspects of visual and interactive methods (overview of a large collection of Open datasets, details on an dataset, interactive discovery, user interfaces, aesthetics, etc).

BI and OD thus represent important challenges in the visualisation domain. The aim of this symposium is precisely to make a state of the art and to contribute to these challenging objectives by covering all aspects of  interactive visualisations in BI and OD, from both a theoretical and practical point ofview. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

·      Visual OLAP and visualisations for data cubes, dynamic cross tables, dashboards, scorecards, key performance indicators, reporting, CRM, market basket analysis, strategic watch,

·      Visualisations for Open Data in various domains (health, education, politics, ...)

·      Visual assistants, data to visualisation mappings, user feedback,

·      User interfaces for BI and OD (collaborative, ubiquitous) and aesthetics in visualisations, use of new technologies

·      Visualisation of time-dependent data, geo-localized data, maps, multidimensional data, hierarchies, big data

·      Interactions, interactive knowledge discovery, visual operators on data and knowledge, graphical requests, visual analytics for BI and OD

·      User evaluations and case studies, reports on real cases and experiments

 Further information and submission (2 March 2015): http://www.graphicslink.co.uk/IV2015/

 Symposium Chairs:

 Dr. Fatma Bouali, University of Lille 2, France

Fatma.bouali at univ-lille2.fr

Prof. Jérôme Darmont, University of Lyon 2, France

jerome.darmont at univ-lyon2.fr 

 Prof. Gilles Venturini, University Francois Rabelais of Tours, France

venturini at univ-tours.fr  

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