[Infovis] New book on graphical data analysis

Martin Theus martin at theusRus.de
Wed Dec 17 21:09:22 CET 2008

Hi everyone,

just a brief note regarding a book that might be equally of interest  
for infovis researchers
as well as for infovis users. "Interactive Graphics for Data Analysis:  
Principles and Examples"
is divided into two parts. The first part illustrates general  
principles how graphical methods
are most efficiently used to analyze data. The second part uses nine  
real world datasets to
show the application of these techniques as nine fully worked out case  
studies. The book uses
the Mondrian visualization tool (http://mondrian.theusRus.de)  
throughout the book, though the
techniques and case studies are presented (almost) independently from  
any specific
implementation. A 30 page appendix gives a quick overview and  
introduction of the Mondrian

There is more information on the book at http://www.interactivegraphics.org 
, which also
contains some sample chapters for preview.

You may also look at the publishers site at:

--Martin Theus

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