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Jean-Daniel Fekete Jean-Daniel.Fekete at inria.fr
Thu Dec 11 23:11:05 CET 2008

Call for Participation: Interacting with temporal data
a workshop at CHI 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts

Is time just another attribute of data? Or is it something more? We are
interested in gathering together a diverse group of researchers who deal
with time as a fundamental component of interactive systems: sometimes as
a resource, sometimes as a problem to be solved. Our goal is to
investigate the temporal dimension in user interfaces, across disciplines.
Time brings meaning to data, especially data about the real world. Time is
also essential for understanding human activity and an essential element
of design processes. Sometimes we address time explicitly, sometimes
implicitly. It structures how people interact with computers, but is also
a measurable effect of that interaction. The goal of this workshop is to
explore human-computer interaction from a temporal perspective.

This workshop is not a mini-conference but will be highly interactive,
participatory and hands-on, with a combination of whole-group focused
discussion and small-group brainstorming. We will define problems,
generate ideas and share common concerns that arise in our research,
including data capture, log management, and visualization of human
activity over time. Our goal is to create a community of people interested
in these issues and to create a special issue of a journal that explores
them in greater depth.


We invite researchers and interaction designers who explore the use of
time in interactive systems. Our goal is to bring together people with
diverse perspectives, practices and problems. Participants should submit a
short position paper paper (2-4 pages) that addresses an issue concerning
temporal data or time in interactive systems, including:

* A particular application domain of interest
* The nature of temporal data this domain: structure, frequency,
* Principal interaction challenges pertaining to data capture, sharing, or
use within this domain.
* Particular techniques and approaches that you have personally tried (if
* One (most important) interaction challenge that that you wish to discuss
or solve.

Please use the CHI Extended Abstracts Format to
temporal-chi09 at csail.mit.edu and let us know by November 30 if you plan to
submit and send the paper by December 31, 2008


The workshop will consist primarily of hands-on small-group interaction
sessions. After a "CHI Madness" series of quick presentations, to give us
all a sense of each participant's perspective, we will break into small
brainstorming and prototyping groups. The proposed schedule is below.

Position paper deadline: December 31, 2008 (let us know by November 30 if
you plan to submit)

Workshop: Saturday, April 4, 2009.

* 09:00 - welcome and introduction (all)
* 09:20 – 3-minute madness: short presentations from participants (all)
* 10:30 - break
* 10:45 - scenario development (small groups)
* 12:30 - lunch
* 13:30 - video prototyping (small groups)
* 15:30 - break
* 16:00 - group presentations and discussion (all)
* 16:40 - next steps and conclusion
* 17:00 - end

Post-workshop goals:
* to create a cross-disciplinary community of researchers interested in
temporal interaction and visualization
* to establish a community-moderated blog and repository of resources,
* to edit a special issue of a journal that incorporates ideas,
conclusions and recommendations that result from the workshop.

Wendy Mackay is research director at INRIA Saclay and Vice President of
Research in Computer Science at the University of Paris-Sud in France. Her
research group, in|situ|, focuses on situated interaction, with four main
research themes: interaction paradigms, multi-disciplinary design methods,
engineering of interactive systems, and mediated communication.

Max Van Kleek is a Ph.D. candidate at MIT CSAIL investigating personal
activity capture, user modeling and data mining for personal information
management (PIM).

Aurélien Tabard is a Ph.D. candidate in the InSitu team at INRIA and
Université Paris-Sud. His research concerns the study, design and
evaluation of systems supporting a reflection and management of

Please direct your questions and comments to temporal-chi09 at csail.mit.edu
- and we look forward to your participation!

 Jean-Daniel Fekete      Jean-Daniel.Fekete at inria.fr
 AVIZ Team Leader, INRIA                 www.aviz.fr
 INRIA Saclay - Île-de-France    www.aviz.fr/~fekete
 Bat 490, Université Paris-Sud   tel: +33 1 69156494
 F91405 ORSAY Cedex, France      fax: +33 1 69154240

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