[Infovis] Nomination Reminder: IEEE VGTC Visualization Awards

Chuck Hansen hansen at cs.utah.edu
Tue May 18 15:54:42 CEST 2021

Call for Nominations: IEEE VGTC Visualization Awards	

The IEEE VGTC announces a new awards program for the
IEEE VGTC Visualization Awards.

The IEEE VGTC Awards program recognizes and honors individuals
who have made a significant contribution to the community
through their research and/or service. Furthermore, we seek
out nominations of individuals that enable us to recognize
both the diversity of individuals, as well as diversity
of contributions, from the community at large.

The awards program will now have five awards plus induction
to the IEEE VGTC Visualization Academy:

VGTC Visualization Dissertation Award
  - The Doctoral Dissertation Award recognizes outstanding
    academic research and development in the field.

VGTC Visualization Significant New Researcher Award
  - The VGTC Significant New Researcher Award recognizes
    an individual who has made significant recent research
    contributions in the field.

VGTC Visualization Technical Achievement Award
  - The Technical Achievement Award is given each year
    to recognize an individual for a seminal technical
    achievement in the field.

VGTC Visualization Lifetime Achievement Award
  - The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an
    individual to honor that person’s lifetime contribution
    to the field.

VGTC Visualization Service Award
  - The IEEE VGTC Service Award recognizes extraordinary
    service to the community through the IEEE VGTC and/or
    the IEEE VGTC Sponsored Conferences and Symposia.

VGTC Visualization Academy Selection
  - The IEEE VGTC Visualization Academy is a prestigious
    academy that highlights the accomplishments of the
    leaders in the field.
The criteria for these awards can be found at:

Nominations are due by May 31, 2021.

Nominations, except Dissertation award, should contain
the name of the person nominated, the awards for which
they are nominated, the short citation for the award,
and a summary that carefully addresses the criteria
for the award while not exceeding 600 words.
Dissertation Award nominations should include:
(1)	The title and abstract of the dissertation,
(2)	the name of the candidate,
(3)	the name of the candidate’s primary advisor,
(4)	the institution where the dissertation was defended,
(5)	the date of the dissertation defense,
(6)	A 1-2 page summary of the significance and impact of the 
dissertation research,
(7)	an electronic copy of the full dissertation, or a pointer to where 
it can be obtained,
(8)	one letter of recommendation, up to 2 pages in length, ideally from 
the candidate’s primary advisor, and
(9)	a list of publications, awards, and other recognition by peers 
produced from the dissertation work.

To nominate someone for any of these awards or the academy, please 
visit: https://tc.computer.org/vgtc/vis-award-nominations/

If you have any questions, please contact:
Chair of the Awards Committee for Visualization
Charles Hansen, University of Utah
vgtc-vis-awards at vgtc.org

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