[Infovis] Mapping Affinities — Open Access Book

Dario Rodighiero d.rodighiero at icloud.com
Mon Jun 21 10:06:28 CEST 2021

Happy to announce the publication of my book “Mapping Affinities,” which illustrates a visual method to map large organizations through their members.

The book is freely downloadable at https://metispresses.ch/files/2021/06/5287191.epub <https://metispresses.ch/files/2021/06/5287191.epub>

More information at https://dariorodighiero.com/Mapping-Affinities-Cartographie-des-affinites <https://dariorodighiero.com/Mapping-Affinities-Cartographie-des-affinites>

Manuel Lima says, “The important process of flattening and decentralizing organizations starts first by understanding their structure. Mapping Affinities by Dario Rodighiero introduces an important network visualization model to map large organizations in order to foster collaboration and autonomy. This is a much-needed effort.”

Johanna Drucker says, “The diagrammatic mapping produced by Dario Rodighiero’s designs combines the complexity of esoteric insight with the clarity of rational logic. This well-formulated approach promises to produce ways of ‘reading’ massive quantities of current data so that its statistical richness becomes graphically legible. In the process, the transformation of mere information into schematic visualizations exposes latent, actual, and potential affinities through a practice suggestive of digital alchemy. This is fascinating work, full of possibilities.”

Enjoy reading.

All best,
Dario Rodighiero

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