[Infovis] DataVis Activities to Facilitate Learning, Reflecting, Discussing, and Designing

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Thu Jun 10 18:02:54 CEST 2021

Dear All,

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We invite submissions for our second workshop on VisActivities-DataVis
Activities to Facilitate Learning, Reflecting, Discussing, and
Designing (Oct. 24/29, 2021,  Virtual/New Orleans, LA, USA):

Workshops, classes, or collaborations with domain experts often
include hands-on data visualization activities that involve analog or
digital tools and materials as well as more or less well-defined
protocols. Recent years have seen the emergence of such data
visualization activities in different contexts, including education,
visualization design, activism, self-reflection, and interdisciplinary
collaboration: for example, sketching aids designers to consider
alternative ideas; ,manipulating tokens help students conceptualize
quantities for data visualization; user interviews and discussions
help developers understand requirements manipulating data help
activist better understand social issues, etc.

While many of these activities would naturally take place in a group
setting, due to the social distancing measures during the Covid-19
more and more of these activities are now happening online. Switching
from co-located and synchronous activities to remote and sometimes
asynchronous activities, changed the way we teach or design data
visualization. This required teachers and designers to reinvent
activities, adapt materials to be suitable for online delivery,
reorganise procedures, replace physical tools with virtual, rethink
collaboration and engagement, restructure or invent new activities. At
the same time, moving activities online opens new possibilities to
involve people across the world and in turn increase diversity and

The goals of this workshop include:

Building an understanding and to synthesize protocols and materials
used to lead data vis activities (online and offline), to bring
together researchers, practitioners, and educators from within and
outside of the visualization community, brainstorm, design,
experience, and try novel activities, and to discuss issues around
goals, methods, audiences, materials, and evaluation for teaching data
visualization. And also exchanges about the best teaching moment of
the year.

All submissions are submitted using PCS: https://new.precisionconference.com

The workshop accepts 2 types of submissions:
Workshop paper,
Lightning Talks

* Workshop papers, refer to classical research papers with a
scientific contribution in theory, reflection, application,
evaluation, design, or implementation. Page length will be limited to
4 pages TVCG/VIS style. Contributions can include: visualization
activities, online platforms for activities, learning material,
learning goals, taxonomies, visualization guidelines, critical
reflections on conducting visualization activities (teaching
experience), evaluation strategies for activities, teaching
approaches, ethical and critical considerations on activities and
teaching.  Reports on activities should include procedures, reports
and experiences about one or many teaching activities, including a
protocol and material of activities including results and reflections.
Materials should include new teaching material that supports teaching
in general and which is ready for application (slides, visualizations
of schema/diagrams/design spaces, cheat sheets, teaching tools), or
targeted to support specific activities (physical visualization,
sketching templates, programming tutorials). We encourage evaluations
for both activities and materials.

* Lightning Talks, refer to fast 2 minute presentations of anecdotes,
experiences and best experience specifically regarding online vis
activities. These can discuss best teaching moments, activity reports,
materials, tools, set-up etc in a brief concise way (4-5 slides) with
the possibility of including additional material on the workshop
website. Submission page length will be limited to 1 page briefly
outlining the experience (only the abstract and a picture are
mandatory) with any additional material added as an appendix.
Lightning talks could also be picked for the Ice breaker: Fast forward
testimony of best (teaching) moment of the year. The goal of these
(casual) talks is to inspire, exchange nuggets of knowledge, provoke,
trigger conversation and have fun.

Any submission will be peer-reviewed, providing constructive feedback
for the camera-ready version. All submissions will be published on and
linked from our website and authors of workshop papers can choose to
publish their accepted submissions in the IEEE DL.

July 4, 2021: Submission Deadline
July 25, 2021: Reviews Collected
August 3, 2021: Author Notification
August 17, 2021: Submission Camera Ready Deadline

Samuel Huron, Telecom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris
Benjamin Bach, University of Edinburgh
Georgia Panagiotidou, KU Leuven
Mandy Keck, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
Jonathan C. Roberts,  Bangor University
Sheelagh Carpendale, Simon Fraser University

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