[Infovis] Call for Macroscope Tools for the Places & Spaces: Mapping Science Exhibit (2019) - Deadline is March 1, 2019

Borner, Katy katy at indiana.edu
Mon Jan 28 16:08:33 CET 2019

Dear all,
we are seeking engaging, relevant, interactive data visualizations of science and technology developments that help people make smarter decisions in their personal and professional lives. The Call for Submissions has been posted at scimaps.org/call<http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fscimaps.org%2Fcall&h=DAQGTzRBrAQFFNnKQ2BBK-p-pVao0ziIOh9TEtqpl5-hbng&enc=AZOlyNz-dt90WmZirT35YILsUqZjDTamZyODcgPHIl8YhywRRs3d2Gh-8I40f9KvyVgDJPJ6vkZOlq5efQgvjWFvhtyyCcuVtriIkTEa0jiTcolHvZm4SyQHE0WuUNKcZWjIo7sacfmQr8EJyfPmAtBvWcMHTJS98x1paJdTKo2oR3-IxZhiqUwDDKDmj0Gr4G-1oBbMQkmj28asWUsaLrzM&s=1> and we welcome your help in spreading the word. This year’s submissions are due by March 1, 2019.
More information on maps and macroscopes included in the exhibit can be found at http://scimaps.org/iteration and http://scimaps.org/iteration/macroscopes interviews with select map and macroscope makers can be found at http://scimaps.org/mapmakers.html. The exhibit currently features 100 framed maps, 16 macroscopes, an award-winning short film, touch screen interactives, and sculptural elements created by more than 250 leading experts in the natural, physical, and social sciences, visual arts, and the humanities. It has been displayed in various formats in 28 countries on six continents and exhibit materials are available in five languages.
Thank you and kind regards,
Katy Bӧrner & Lisel Record

About the Places & Spaces exhibition: Drawing from across cultures and across scholarly disciplines, Places & Spaces: Mapping Science demonstrates the power of maps to address vital questions about the contours and content of human knowledge. An interdisciplinary and international advisory board chose each one of the works in the Places & Spaces: Mapping Science exhibit as an outstanding example of how visualization can bring patterns in scientific data into focus. The exhibit is curated by the Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center at Indiana University. The exhibit has been on display at over 350 venues in 28 countries on 6 continents. It showcases the work of more than 250 mapmakers that hail from 17 different countries. For further information, please visit our website at scimaps.org<http://scimaps.org>.

About the Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center (CNS): CNS is a research center at Indiana University’s School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering in Bloomington, Indiana (http://cns.iu.edu<http://cns.iu.edu/>). For more than 20 years, CNS has played a leading role in the field of data visualization, developing open source tools for the creation of data visualizations, offering the IVMOOC, co-organizing international workshops and conferences, and promoting network science and visualization through international initiatives. CNS’s research, teaching, and software development efforts benefit from long-term collaborations with colleagues in academia, government, and industry.

Katy Borner
Victor H. Yngve Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Information Science
Director, CI for Network Science Center, http://cns.iu.edu
Curator, Mapping Science exhibit, http://scimaps.org

ISE and ILS, School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, Indiana University
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