[Infovis] TVX 2019: CALL FOR PARTICIPATION [Demos, Workshops, WiPs, DC & Industry Track]

Jonathan Hook jonathan.hook at york.ac.uk
Fri Feb 15 10:43:08 CET 2019

TVX 2019: CALL FOR PARTICIPATION [Demos, Workshops, WiPs, DC & Industry Track] 

ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television & Online Video 
5-7 June 2019 
Manchester, UK 

The ACM TVX 2019 Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video will be held on 5-7 June 2019 at Manchester’s MediaCityUK hub for technology innovation and creativity. 

TVX is the leading international conference for presentation and discussion of research into online video and TV interaction and user experience. The conference brings together international researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, ranging from human-computer interaction, multimedia engineering and design to media studies, media psychology and sociology. 

While the Long and Short & Paper deadline for TVX 2019 has now passed, there are still a multitude of really exciting opportunities to participate, which we describe in the email. We are looking forward to receiving your insightful and cutting edge submissions, and look forward to meeting you in Manchester!

Jon Hook, Marian Ursu & Phil Stenton
TVX 2019 General Chairs

== DEMOS ==

A chance to give hands of demos of your latest cutting-edge interactive experiences to an audience of academics and industry professionals. This year, demos will be presented in the “TVX Conference Bazaar”, a hands-on day of interactivity at the BBC. This means that demos will be bigger, better and more extravagant than ever before.

- Submission deadline: 22nd March 2019
- Demo chairs: Shauna Concannon and Timothy Neate (demos at tvx2019.com) 
- More info: https://tvx.acm.org/2019/participation/demos/ 


Work-in-Progress (WiP provides a forum to share recent viewpoints, new discoveries, and early-stage design and development to the TVX audience. The WiP track thus provides a unique opportunity for exchanging brave new ideas, for receiving feedback on projects currently in progress and for fostering collaborations. This year, WiPs will be presented as a short pitch presentation and a physical poster (with a optional demo) in the “TVX Conference Bazaar”, a hands-on day of interactivity at the BBC.

- Submission deadline: 22nd March 2019
- Work-in-Progress chairs: Werner Bailer and Rhianne Jones (wip at tvx2019.com) 
- More info: https://tvx.acm.org/2019/participation/work-in-progress/ 


TVX-in-Industry offers the ideal opportunity to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to research and innovation. TVX-in-Industry offers proven opportunities for your organisation to make hundreds of delegates aware of your commitment. We are looking for standout presentations that will help to provoke discussion, networking and collaboration amongst conference delegates throughout the day. We would like to showcase significant advances in research and development, technologies and real-world experiences that have industrial applicability. Contributions concerning business cases, marketing and market insights, case studies, best practices and lessons learned are also welcome. The TVX-in-Industry programme will take place on the third day of the conference, Friday 7th June, as part of the “TVX Conference Bazaar”, a hands-on day of interactivity at the BBC.

- Submission deadline: 16th April 2019
- TVX in Industry chairs: Ian Kegel and Ian Forrester (industry at tvx2019.com) 
- More info: https://tvx.acm.org/2019/tvx-in-industry/ 


The Doctoral Consortium is a forum for you to share your work and ideas with fellow PhD students, and with more experienced researchers in your field. You’ll get the chance to give a presentation on your work, get feedback and suggestions from a range of other people, and participate in practical group activity that will help you support each other with ideas for research approaches and having a great PhD experience. If you are a doctoral candidate who has found yourself reading or referencing work presented at TVX in the past, or if you the scope of TVX makes you feel that this is a community that you would benefit from being part of, then we would love for you to apply to join us in Manchester.

- Submission deadline: 22nd March 2019
- Doctoral Consortium chairs: Mike Evans and Hartmut Koenitz (dc at tvx2019.com) 
- More info: https://tvx.acm.org/2019/doctoral-consortium/ 


TVX19 workshops provide an informal setting where participants have the opportunity to discuss familiar and novel topics in an atmosphere that fosters active engagement and exchange of ideas. Workshops provide a space to generate ideas that enable the TVX community to explore new, organized ways of thinking about specific topics, and emerging areas or that result in promising directions for future research. This year we are excited to invite you to participate in workshops on four thought provoking and cutting-edge TVX topics:

Workshop 1: Interactive Radio Experiences

Nowadays radio shows are much more than a linear broadcast feed — they’re all about user engagement. At the same time, many users are no longer only connected to a radio station brand through the linear broadcast channel, but also through digital platforms, and interaction through social media is becoming ever more important. Digital services enable broadcasters and users to customise the radio experience. Radio is today a medium embedded in a context of social media, interaction and personalisation. This workshop thus aims to bring together researchers and practitioners working on tools, services and applications enabling interactive radio experiences.

- Submission deadline: 22nd February 2019 
- More info: https://www.projectmarconi.eu/calendar/interactive-radio-experiences

Workshop 2: Research in the Wild via Performance: Challenges, Ethics and Opportunities

Performance can be combined with interactive, online and immersive video as a way of conducting research in the wild. This comes with opportunities to the HCI researcher, with the potential to create surprisingly intimate, aesthetic content which can reconfigure the research context. There are, however, challenges to this mode of working, particularly in how this work may be evaluated, practical challenges and ethical quandaries. ‘Research in the Wild via Performance’ will explore tactics of combining live performance with interactive video as a tool for the HCI researcher, exploring challenges and quandaries through crafting and deploying live performances.

- Submission deadline: 22nd February 2019 
- More info: https://www.performanceinthewild.com

Workshop 3: 1st Intl Workshop on Data-Driven Personalization of Television (DataTV 2019)

The aim of the DataTV 2019 workshop will be to address the increasing importance and relevance of richly granular and semantically expressive data about TV content in the media value chain. Such data needs extraction, modelling and management before it can be meaningfully reused in new, innovative services for TV content such as: i) content Summarization (e.g. to provide highlights of a program according to a specific user, theme or channel); ii) recommendation and Scheduling across Publication Channels (Broadcast, Streaming, Social Networks); and iii) in Stream Personalisation of Content (both spatial and temporal modification of text, audio, video).

- Submission deadline: April 10, 2019
- More info: http://datatv2019.iti.gr/ 

Workshop 4: Using Design Fiction to Explore the Ethics of VR in the Wild

In this half-day workshop, we will explore the ethics of Virtual Reality (VR) through conversations framed around design fictions. Affordable head-mounted displays (HMDs) and accessible VR content are now within reach of large audiences, yet many of VR’s most urgent challenges remain underexplored. In addition to the many known unknowns (e.g. how do we manage sensory conflicts and spatial limitations in VR?), there are many more unknown unknowns (e.g. what kinds of psychological, social and cultural impact will VR provoke?). By bringing together diverse scenarios and design fictions created specifically to explore VR ethics, we will facilitate a rich discussion that will inform the development of three high-fidelity design fictions that will be used to explore the ethics of VR in future workshops, including one in Bristol (Nov 2019: part of the Virtual Realities Immersive Documentary Encounters project).

- More info: http://vrethics.info/


For up-to-date information and further details visit: http://tvx2019.com. 

To keep updated about conference developments, you may also wish to join our mailing list (tvx-announce at listserv.acm.org) using the subscription form on this page (https://tvx.acm.org/sc/) or by sending a mail to listserv at acm.org with the following text in the body of the mail: “subscribe tvx-announce Firstname Lastname”. 

For any other questions, please contact the conference chairs on: chairs at tvx2019.com. 

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