[Infovis] IEEE VIS: Visualization Pioneers Group Reception

Alan Keahey alan.keahey at icloud.com
Mon Sep 25 16:40:24 CEST 2017

The VPG Organizing Committee would like to invite you to attend the IEEE VGTC Visualization Pioneers Reception on the first Monday at VIS.  The reception is open for all VPG members who have paid their dues for 2017-2018.  To be eligible for VPG Membership, one needs to have made at least 20 years of contributions to the field.

Your $50 Annual dues entitles you to a free reception dinner at VIS, as well as supporting other worthwhile VPG activities such as the Best Dissertation and Best Data Visualization Contest.  

We need to get a more accurate headcount for the reception soon, so please visit the website below to join VPG and pay your membership dues as soon as possible.

https://www.payit2.com/collect-page/88271 <https://www.payit2.com/collect-page/88271>

Reception Details (to be confirmed):
   Monday October 2, 6:00PM
   1130 The Restaurant
   455 North 3rd St. Suite 1130
   Phoenix, AZ

More information on the Vis Pioneers Group is here: http://vacommunity.org/ieeevpg/ <http://vacommunity.org/ieeevpg/>

My apologies for the late notification of the event.  Please confirm your membership as soon as possible.  We look forward to seeing you at the reception!

Best Regards,

-Alan Keahey (VPG Chair)
   Bernice Rogowitz, Raghu Machiraju, Klaus Mueller (VPG OC)

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