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*KAUST* <http://www.kaust.edu.sa/> is an *international graduate-level,
merit-based research university* dedicated to advancing science and
technology through innovative and collaborative research and to addressing
challenges of regional and global significance. KAUST is constantly pushing
the boundaries of research, development and education in the Middle East.

Located on the beautiful *Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia*, KAUST sets
exceptional standards in residences and recreational facilities
<https://vimeo.com/109448099> and boasts a truly multicultural environment
which can be enjoyed by all. It’s the perfect setting to live and work for
all employees and their families while also offering internationally
competitive tax free salaries and outstanding benefits to entice top talent
from around the world.

The *Visualization Core Laboratory*
<https://kvl.kaust.edu.sa/Pages/Home.aspx> at KAUST is a *state-of-the-art
facility* that offers a unique opportunity to utilize one-of-a-kind
visualization, sonification, and computational resources for the
exploration and presentation of scientific data. Featuring, among others, a
six-sided CAVE virtual environment and several high-resolution tiled
display walls, the lab partners with KAUST faculty and researchers to
analyze data in new ways.

The role of the *Visualization Scientist* is to develop *rich and* *interactive
visualization workflows* that enable the effective exploration of large
scientific datasets and facilitate the understanding of the complex
phenomena that produce them. You would serve as an expert in information
visualization techniques, visual analytics dashboard design, infographic
interactive displays and information delivery best practices using large
tile displays and virtual reality environments.

*Areas of Expertise*

·   *Data-driven decision making*

·   *Multi-dimensional Visualization*

o  *Clustering Analysis*

o  *Projections, Dimensionality Reduction*

o  *Interaction and Exploration Techniques*

·   *Visual Analytics*

o  *Graph-based data analysis*

o  *Temporal Data*

o  *Ensembles, Uncertainity*

o  *Geo-referenced Datasets*

o  *Comparision, Correlation*

*Core Skills*

·   *Programming (5 years experience, at least): Javascript, C/C++, Python,

·   *Interactive 3D Graphics: HTML5, WebGL, OpenGL/Direct3D*

·   *Data Visualization: Tableau/SpotFire, D3js (or other JS charting
libraries), Paraview/VISIT, Processing*

·   *GIS/Databases: ArcGIS, PostGIS, CartoDB, MongoDB.*

*Desired Skills*

·   *(Big) Data Mining Tools: Apache Spark, Weka, RStudio*

·   *Demonstrated hands-on experience in interactive graphics, data
visualization, data mining and analysis.*

·   *Understanding of color theory and visual perception.*


* in Computer Science or a related area preferred, with 3-5 years of
experience in some of the areas detailed above. Candidates with MSc degree
and exceptional experience will also be considered. *

* Interested candidates may send their applications to either of the
following individuals:*

·       *Daniel Acevedo-Feliz, KAUST Visualization Core Laboratory
Director, at **daniel.acevedo at kaust.edu.sa* <daniel.acevedo at kaust.edu.sa>

·       *Madhu Srinivasan, Scientific Lead, KAUST Visualization Core Lab,
at **madhu.srinivasan at kaust.edu.sa* <madhu.srinivasan at kaust.edu.sa>


Thank you,


Madhu Srinivasan, Ph.D.

Scientific Lead,

Visualization Laboratory,

KAUST Core Labs,

Office:  +966 (2) 808 0360

Mobile: +966 544 70 0359

Fax:    +966 (2) 802 0237

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