[Infovis] Workshop on "Exploring Temporal Patterns in Electronic Health Record Data" (May 29th - University of Maryland)

Sana Malik maliks at cs.umd.edu
Tue May 6 18:38:14 CEST 2014

The University of Maryland Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL) will hold
its 31st Annual Symposium on May 29, 2014.

As part of the event – and following the keynote speakers -  will take
place a workshop on:
         *Exploring Temporal Patterns in Electronic Health Record Data*

To attend: register for the symposium at

The agenda includes talks followed by ample time for discussion, from (as
of today):

   - HCIL researchers presenting the latest research on EventFlow
   http://www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/eventflow/, and Coco - our newer work on
   cohort comparison
      - Catherine Plaisant and Ben Shneiderman, "Introduction: The Growth
      of Temporal Event Data Analysis"
      - Chris Imbriano and Megan Monroe, "Software Engineering for
      Consistent Modification Management"
      - Megan Monroe, "Temporal Event Analysis of Sports Data"
      - Sana Malik, "A Visual Analytics Approach to Comparing Cohorts
      of Event Sequences"

   - Users of HCIL tools such as EventFlow reporting on their findings
      - Eberechukwu Onukwugha (University of Maryland, Baltimore), "An
      Algorithm to Identify Palliative Radiation Therapy in the Metastatic
      Prostate Cancer Setting:  A Proof of Concept Application of Data
      Visualization Tools"
      - Seth Powsner and Tami Sullivant (Yale University School of
      Medicine, Dept. of Psychiatry), "A Case Study of over 12000 Daily Reports
      from Women in Abusive Relationships"
      - Sophia Wu and Margaret Bjarnadottir (Robert H. Smith Business
      School, University of Maryland), "Exploring Temporal Patterns in
      Hypertensive Drug Therapy"
      - Beth Carter (Children's National Medical Center) “New analysis of
      task performance during pediatric trauma resuscitation"

   - Other researchers working on related topics (please contact us if you
   are interested)
      - David Wang (Partners Healthcare), "Sifting through Lines, Events,
      and Trees: Stories of EHR Visual Exploratory Analysis"
      - Ana Szarfman and Rongjian Lan, "Visualization of Unique Temporal
      Sequences of Treatments and Events in an Unidentified Clinical Trial Data”
      - Sean Finan (Harvard Medical School), Piet De Groen (Mayo Clinic
      College of Medicine), Guergana Savova (Harvard Medical School),
      Event and Temporal Relation Visualization Tool"
      - Jessica Lin (George Mason University), "Grammar-Based Medical Time
      Series Mining and Visualization"

For more information see the workshop page:

*It may not be too late to present:* If you are interested in presenting
please submit a title and short abstract (300 words max). Summarize what
you would like to present on the topic of Exploring Temporal Patterns in
Electronic Health Record Data, or provide pointers to papers and
screenshots. We welcome discussions of the use of visual approaches,
statistical methods, machine learning, etc. to study temporal patterns in
patient histories, where the goals may be to find common patterns, rare
events, or matches to a given patient etc. Topics might include data
cleaning, integration from multiple sources, coping with incomplete or
conflicting information, and presentation of result sets. If we receive too
many requests, we may ask you to bring a poster for presentation during the
Submit to: Catherine Plaisant <plaisant at cs.umd.edu> as soon as possible and
preferably before *May 9, 2014*. Confirmation will be provided within a few
days of submission.  If the day is too full already, we will invite you to
bring a poster or give a demonstration during the break.

Sana Malik
Ph. D. student, University of Maryland, College Park
maliks at cs.umd.edu

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