[Infovis] UMAP 2014 - Final call for participation & updates

Ben Steichen steichen at cs.ubc.ca
Mon Jun 30 19:41:45 CEST 2014

UMAP 2014 - 22nd International Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation, and
Aalborg, Denmark, 7-11 July, 2014

UMAP 2014 registration dates

Late registration: June 1st - July 6th
On-site registration: after July 6th

UMAP 2014 supported by conference navigator

We are happy to announce that Conference Navigator has added the detailed
program for UMAP 2014. Please check it at:

UMAP 2014 workshop news & schedules now online

- PIA 2014 - Joint Workshop on Personalized Information Access - joining
Personalised Multilingual Information Access (PMIA 2014) & Personalizing
Search: From Search Engines to Exploratory Search Systems (PESE 2014)
***Keynote by Pia Borlund - Evaluation of interactive information retrieval
by use of simulated work task situations.***

- ProS - UMAP Projects Synergy
***Keynote by Judy Kay - Pervasive and ubiquitous prospects for user
modelling and personalisation: extrapolating from project experiences***

- NRA - News Recommendation and Analytics
***Keynote by Aleksander Øhrn - Miley Cyrus” vs "War-Torn Syria”: Content
recommendations in the real world***

- PALE - Personalization Approaches in Learning Environments

- PEGOV - Personalization in e-Government Services, Data and Applications

- EMPIRE - Emotions and Personality in Personalized Services

Dr. Ben Steichen
University of British Columbia

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