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Michel Verleysen michel.verleysen at uclouvain.be
Sun Oct 6 11:19:57 CEST 2013

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ESANN 2014: 22nd European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, 

Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning

Bruges, Belgium, 23-24-25 April 2014



Announcement and call for papers



ESANN 2014 builds upon a successful series of conferences organized each
year since 1993. ESANN has become a major scientific event in the machine
learning, computational intelligence and artificial neural networks fields
over the years. 


The main topics are (non-exhaustive list): Statistical and mathematical
aspects of learning, Feedforward models, Kernel machines, Graphical models,
EM and Bayesian learning, Classification and clustering, Vector quantization
and self-organizing maps, Recurrent networks and dynamical systems, Blind
signal processing, Ensemble learning, Nonlinear projection and data
visualization, Fuzzy neural networks, Evolutionary computation, Bio-inspired
systems, Data mining, Signal processing and modelling, Approximation and
identification, Feature extraction and dimension reduction, Time series
forecasting, Multimodal interfaces and multichannel processing, Vision and
sensory systems, Identification of non-linear dynamical systems, Biometry,
Bioinformatics, Brain-computer interfaces, Neuroinformatics.


See the call for papers for details. In addition to regular sessions, a
number of special sessions will be organized, on selected hot topics in the
machine learning, computational intelligence and artificial neural networks
fields. The special sessions are:

- Learning of structured and non-standard data

- Learning and Modeling Big Data

- Label noise in classification

- Incremental learning and novelty detection methods and their applications

- Advances on Weightless Neural Systems

- Byte the bullet: learning on real-world computing architectures

- Advances in Spiking Neural Information Processing Systems (SNIPS)

See special sessions on http://www.esann.org/ for details.


Deadline for submissions: November 29, 2013.


Bruges is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe. Designated as
the "Venice of the North", the city has preserved all the charms of the
medieval heritage. Its centre, which is inscribed on the Unesco World
Heritage list, is in itself a real open air museum.


We hope to receive your submission to ESANN 2014 and to see you in Bruges!


Sincerely yours,


Michel Verleysen





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