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Hi there

I am not sure if it is ok to send this message. I thought this book might
be of interest to the community. ****

If not, please ignore this email!****

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Handbook of Human Centric Visualization by Springer.****

** **

Forward  by Peter Eades****

** **

International Advisory Board:****

Margaret Burnett, Oregon State University, USA****

Chaomei Chen, Drexel University, USA****

Philip Cox, Dalhousie University, Canada****

Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft Research, USA****

Joseph H. Goldberg, Oracle, USA****

John Howse, University of Brighton, UK****

Mao Lin Huang, University of Technology Sydney, Australia****

Andreas Kerren, Linnaeus University, Sweden****

Christof Körner, University of Graz, Austria****

David H. Laidlaw, Brown University, USA****

Giuseppe Liotta, University of Perugia, Italy****

Richard K. Lowe, Curtin University, Australia****

Katerina Mania, Technical University of Crete, Greece****

Kim Marriott, Monash University, Australia****

Helen Purchase, University of Glasgow, UK****

Mary Beth Rosson, Penn State University, USA****

Jack van Wijk, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands****

** **

The book has twenty-nine chapters, which are grouped into the following six

**1.           **Visual communication****

**2.           **Theory and science****

**3.           **Principles, guidelines and recommendations****

**4.           **Methods****

**5.           **Perception and cognition****

**6.           **Dynamic visualization****

For more details, please go to the link below:****

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Best regards****

Tony Huang


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