[Infovis] ESANN 2014: call for papers

Michel Verleysen michel.verleysen at uclouvain.be
Tue Aug 20 08:57:35 CEST 2013

ESANN 2014: European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, 

Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning

Bruges, Belgium, 23-24-25 April 2014 




Call for special sessions



ESANN 2014 builds upon a successful series of conferences organized each
year since 1993. ESANN has become a major scientific event in the machine
learning, computational intelligence and artificial neural networks fields
over the years. 


Each year, 5-6 special sessions on selected hot topics in the field are
organized at ESANN.  We are currently looking for proposals to organize
special sessions.  Candidate organizers are invited to read the call for
special sessions at https://www.elen.ucl.ac.be/esann/index.php?pg=cfss
(warning: this page is not linked nor referenced from the main ESANN web


Candidates for the organization of special sessions should send an e-mail to
esann at uclouvain.be <mailto:esann at uclouvain.be>  as soon as possible and at
the latest on September 6, 2013.  Details on the information to be sent is
available from https://www.elen.ucl.ac.be/esann/index.php?pg=cfss. 


The conference will be organized in Bruges, one of the most beautiful
medieval towns in Europe. Designated as the "Venice of the North", the city
has preserved all the charms of the medieval heritage. Its centre, which is
inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage list, is in itself a real open air


We remain of course at your disposal for any information about ESANN 2014
and the organization of special sessions.


Sincerely yours,


Michel Verleysen




ESANN - European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, 

Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning 

 <http://www.esann.org/> http://www.esann.org/


* For submissions of papers, reviews, registrations:

Michel Verleysen

Univ. Cath. de Louvain - Machine Learning Group 

3, pl. du Levant - B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve - Belgium

tel: +32 10 47 25 51 - fax: + 32 10 47 25 98 

 <mailto:esann at uclouvain.be> mailto:esann at uclouvain.be


* Conference secretariat

d-side conference services

24 av. L. Mommaerts - B-1140 Evere - Belgium

tel: + 32 2 730 06 11 - fax: + 32 2 730 06 00 

 <mailto:esann at uclouvain.be> mailto:esann at uclouvain.be






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