[Infovis] FW: CHI'13 Workshop "Blended Interaction: Envisioning Future Collaborative Interactive Spaces"

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Blended Interaction: Envisioning Future Collaborative Interactive Spaces


CHI 2013 Workshop







Blended Interaction is interaction in physical environments including
meeting rooms, studios, or libraries that are augmented with post-WIMP UI
technologies to blend the power of digital computing with natural work
practices and collaboration. Blended Interaction combines the virtues of
physical and digital artifacts, so that desired properties of each are
preserved while integrating computing power in a considered manner. Examples
of Blended Interaction range from digital pen & paper and pen & multi-touch
interaction to tangible displays in rooms of mixed or augmented reality.


The ACM CHI 2013 Workshop on "Blended Interaction: Envisioning Future
Collaborative Interactive Spaces" is the first international workshop that
will bring together leading experts in cognitive theories and post-WIMP
designs and technologies to create a unified vision and theory of Blended
Interaction in a multidisciplinary approach. 





We invite submissions about the (1.) technology, (2.) vision, and (3.)
theory of Blended Interaction and will carefully select participants to
ensure an equal distribution of expertise from these three fields. Typical
topics include, but are not limited to:


* Display and sensor technologies that enable blending the digital and the

* Interaction techniques and gestures that mimic and extend the real world

* (Multi-)touch and/or pen input on everyday objects and surfaces

* Tangible user interfaces, tangible information representations and
tangible displays

* Technology and designs for mixed and augmented reality

* Collaboration concepts in interactive spaces, models and theories of

* Theories and models of embodied cognition and “natural” interaction

* Cognitive linguistics, conceptual blending, image schemata, metaphors

* Models of reality-based and embodied interaction

* Influence of proprioception and kinesthesia on cognition

* Proxemics in human-computer interaction

* Architecture, ergonomics and interior design of digitally-augmented
physical environments

* Visions of future human-computer interaction





All papers should be submitted on the workshop homepage
(http://hci.uni-konstanz.de/blendedinteraction2013/) by January 11, 2013.
Participants will be selected based on their submission in either of two


1.) short position papers (up to 4 pages in CHI extended abstracts format),
in which they have to demonstrate informed positions about the topic


2.) workshop papers (up to 6 pages in CHI extended abstracts format)
describing their on-going research. 


All contributions will be peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers from an
international program committee. Like in past workshops of the organizers
(e.g.,  <http://hci.uni-konstanz.de/dcis> http://hci.uni-konstanz.de/dcis),
we plan on publishing extended versions of selected workshop papers in a
special issue on Blended Interaction of a scientific journal.


Deadline for submissions: Jan 11th, 2013.

Notifications of acceptance: Feb 8th, 2013.


One author of each paper is required to register to the workshop and one day
of CHI'13. The one-day workshop will take place in conjunction with CHI'13
in Paris, on either April 27 or April 28 (exact date to be confirmed soon).
Questions should be directed to hans-christian.jetter at uni-konstanz.de. 





Hans-Christian Jetter, University of Konstanz

Raimund Dachselt, Technische Universität Dresden

Harald Reiterer, University of Konstanz         

Aaron Quigley, University of St Andrews

David Benyon, Edinburgh Napier University

Michael Haller, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

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