[Infovis] CHI 2010: Many ways to participate: Reviewers Needed, Upcoming Deadlines

Eben Haber eben at haber.net
Wed Jul 8 01:30:17 CEST 2009

NEWS FLASH: Reviewers Needed!

Please volunteer for CHI 2010 reviewing today!

CHI 2010 urgently needs volunteers to review for all tracks of the  
conference.  Our first submission tracks are online now, so we will  
need to start tapping volunteer reviewers very soon.

As in previous years, CHI will be using the Precision Conference  
system for reviewing.

*) If you ALREADY have a PCS, please go to https://precisionconference.com/ 
~sigchi/ to log in.  Then, click on the Volunteer Center link to  
update your profile and specify how many submissions you'd be wiling.

*) If you DO NOT have a PCS account, please sign up!  Go to https://precisionconference 
. com/~sigchi/preGetID to create your account. Then click the  
Volunteer Center link to update your profile and specify how many  
submissions you'd be willing to review.

CHI 2010 is using a unified reviewer pool, rather than requiring  
reviewers to volunteer for specific submission tracks.  This reduces  
the burden of signing on as a volunteer, and also enables CHI to seek  
appropriate experts for all submissions.

Your participation in the CHI review process is a vital contribution  
to the field, and our community.

NEWS FLASH: Upcoming Deadlines
It's time to start getting your submissions ready for CHI 2010! Course  
and Workshop proposals are only a few weeks away, and the deadline for  
Papers and Notes is only three months away.  Here are the important  
fall deadlines, with links to details for each category:

       July 17:
                   o Course proposals
                   o Workshop proposals

       September 17:
                   o Papers and Notes

       October 9:
                   o Case Studies
                   o Media Showcase
                   o Doctoral Consortium
                   o Panels
CHI 2010: The 28th Annual CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing  
CHI (ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) is the  
premier international conference for the field of human-computer  
interaction. CHI 2010 looks outward to the human experience of  
computing in the world. "We are HCI" challenges our community to  
embrace the diversity of HCI in the world and to exclaim our  
commitment as a profession to empower people from all walks of life.

   Become a fan of CHI 2010 

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