[Infovis] Postdoc position at GT FODAVA Center

John Stasko stasko at cc.gatech.edu
Wed Jul 1 15:25:27 CEST 2009

    Seeking a Post-doctoral Researcher and Scientist

The FODAVA (Foundations of Data Analysis and Visual Analytics) Center
at Georgia Tech is seeking a post-doctoral researcher to join the
research team.

Enormous amounts of data are being generated every day in health care,
computational biology, homeland security, commerce, and many other
areas. Analyzing these massive and complex data sets is essential to
achieve new discoveries, but is extremely difficult. An emerging
research field known as data and visual analytics is concerned with
synthesizing information and deriving insight from massive, dynamic,
ambiguous and possibly conflicting digital data for increased
understanding and effective decision making.

The FODAVA research initiative is dedicated to both defining the
foundations of the data and visual analytics fields and advancing the
state-of-the-art. Established in 2008, the FODAVA initiative is a
collaborative effort funded jointly by the National Science Foundation
(NSF) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  For further
information about the Center, please see http://fodava.gatech.edu/.

We are seeking a post-doctoral scientist to collaborate with
researchers from a variety of disciplines including computer science,
mathematics, industrial and system engineering, and others.  We hope
that the successful individual in this role will be able to assist
ongoing research projects as well as to initiate new projects.
Georgia Tech faculty are dedicated to working with the successful
applicant in mentoring and career growth.

Qualified applicants should have a recently-earned PhD in a related
discipline.  Students completing their dissertation in the next few
months also are eligible for the position.  To apply, please send a
brief cover letter describing your background and interests, as well
as a your current CV, to lometa at cc.gatech.edu by July 31, 2009.
Please direct any questions that you may have to that email address as

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