[Infovis] VizSEC 2007 Workshop on Visualization for Computer Security

John Goodall JohnG at securedecisions.com
Wed Aug 1 18:28:29 CEST 2007

VizSEC 2007 Workshop on Visualization for Computer Security




The VizSEC 2007 Workshop on Visualization for Computer Security will be
held in conjunction with IEEE Vis 2007 and IEEE InfoVis 2007 in
Sacramento, CA USA between October 28 and November 1, 2007. We are still
waiting to hear the exact date of the event from conference organizers.
This year's workshop will be an incubator for new ideas related to
security visualization, a forum for garnering feedback from peers, and a
place to identify and meet potential collaborators. We are currently in
discussion with a publisher to release the proceedings from this year's
workshop in book form. Please see the web site
(http://vizsec.org/workshop2007/) for more information, and stay tuned
for updates, author instructions, and submission instructions. 


Also, please note that there is a new web site for the VizSEC community,
http://vizsec.org/. While the site is a work in progress, we hope it
will help in gathering together resources and ideas related to cyber
security visualization. We will also be adding a mailing list in the
near future.


We look forward to seeing you in Sacramento. Please pass this on to
anyone who might be interested.



Thank you,


John Goodall

Greg Conti

Kwan-Liu Ma




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