[Infovis] CFP: KVD'06, 06 Sep 2006, Graz, Austria

Keith Andrews kandrews at iicm.edu
Mon Mar 13 15:09:38 CET 2006

                   6th of September 2006 Graz, Austria
                           Call for Papers

	I-Know '06 Special Track on Knowledge Visualization
			and Knowledge Discovery


I-KNOW '06 special track on Knowledge Visualization and Knowledge
Discovery addresses the emerging fields of knowledge and information
visualization, knowledge discovery and information retrieval,
involving discovery, interaction with and visual presentation of
abstract knowledge, information spaces and structures to facilitate
their rapid assimilation and understanding. Original papers are
solicited in all aforementioned areas. Submissions will be reviewed by
a board of international experts.

Topics include:
    * Visualisation of text and multimedia corpora
    * Visualisation of search results
    * Visualisation of web information systems
    * Visualisation of abstract information structures and spaces
    * Visualisation of knowledge and concept structures
    * Mapping and editing of knowledge structures
    * Concept mapping
    * Human computer interfaces for knowledge and information visualisation
    * Empirical studies of knowledge and information visualisation
    * Perceptual factors for knowledge and information visualisation
    * Adaptive visualisation metaphors
    * Visual data mining
    * Data structures, frameworks, and models underlying visualisation
    * Knowledge discovery and web mining techniques
    * Knowledge discovery from unstructured and multimedia data
    * Clustering and classification techniques
    * Multimedia and cross-modal retrieval
    * Information and knowledge extraction
    * Information summarization
    * Intelligent network agents
    * Natural language processing
    * Topic detection and tracking
    * Data structures, frameworks, and models underlying
      knowledge discovery data mining

Submissions might also address applications of knowledge discovery and
visualisation in areas such as mind mapping, decision support,
e-learning, CSCW, healthcare, virtual environments, search engines,
mobile and pervasive computing, or bioinformatics.  Target Group

The topics mentioned above are addressed at researchers and developers
as well as at practitioners and providers in the fields of knowledge
discovery and knowledge and information visualization. The special
track will be held in English.

Important Dates:

    * 03 April 2006 - Submissions of Full Papers (8 Pages)
    * 22 May 2006 - Notification of Acceptance
    * 26 June 2006 - Final Versions (8 Pages)

Submission Procedure:

Submissions should be handed in as full papers and should not exceed 8
pages. Please use the I-KNOW style guides and submit your contribution
in PDF or MS Word format using http://www.i-know.at/submission. In
case of problems or questions concerning the submission of papers,
please contact the track chairs at kvd at know-center.at .


Accepted papers will be published within the I-KNOW '06 conference
proceedings in cooperation with Springer Co. Pub. Papers must present
previously unpublished, original results. At least one author of an
accepted paper must register for I-KNOW '06 before the deadline for
Final Versions (26 June 2006).

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact
kvd at know-center.at or mgrani at know-center.at


Keith Andrews             IICM, Graz University of Technology, Austria

http://www.iicm.edu/keith    "The kangaroos in Austria are in the zoo"

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