[Infovis] Virtual Reality and Cognition

Michel Denis denis at limsi.fr
Mon Dec 11 17:58:39 CET 2006

Research scientist: Invitation for applications from researchers
in the field of "Virtual Reality and Cognition"

LIMSI, a multidisciplinary research unit within 
the French National Center for Scientific 
Research (CNRS) located on the Orsay campus of 
the University of Paris-Sud (France), is 
currently developing research on "Virtual Reality 
and Cognition". The development of an immersive 
Virtual Reality (VR) system, with funding from 
the CNRS and the Ile-de-France Region, is part of 
a broader project in which the cognitive sciences 
will play a major role.

LIMSI has embarked on a virtual and augmented 
reality project that will involve both designing 
multimodal immersive interaction methods and 
using these technologies in various fields of 
application. LIMSI also intends to develop the 
potential applications of VR in setting up 
scientific interactions between engineering and 
the cognitive sciences. This project has two main 
purposes: (a) to ensure that the development of 
the VR interfaces at LIMSI benefits from 
expertise in cognitive ergonomics; (b) to ensure 
that in the specific areas studied at LIMSI, VR 
can be used to investigate cognitive functions in 
people interacting with these systems.

LIMSI already includes specialists in cognitive 
psychology, and this will facilitate this further 
line of development. The objective of LIMSI is to 
invest new types of competence in this project so 
that it can successfully carry out the mission 
with which it has been entrusted by the CNRS. The 
suitable candidate for this development project 
will be a specialist in psychology and/or 
cognitive ergonomics, or possibly the cognitive 
neurosciences, and who intends to submit an 
application during the next round of CNRS 
recruitments (December 2006/January 2007). 
Applications will be welcome from scientists 
embarking on a career in research, as well as 
experienced researchers.

LIMSI will welcome preliminary informal enquiries 
from potential candidates. If you are interested 
please contact LIMSI as soon as possible.

Enquiries and preliminary applications should be 
addressed to one of the following:
- Patrick Le Quéré, Director of LIMSI (plq at limsi.fr). Tel.: +33 1 69 85 80 85.
- Philippe Tarroux, Deputy Director 
(tarroux at limsi.fr). Tel.: +33 1 69 85 80 86.

Please consult: http://www.sg.cnrs.fr/drhchercheurs/concoursch/default-fr.htm

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