[Infovis] CFP: Visual Data Analysis Workshop 2007

Wong, Pak C Pak.Wong at pnl.gov
Wed Dec 6 22:58:25 CET 2006

Call for Papers
Deadline: Jan 8, 2007

Visual Data Analysis Workshop 2007

Radisson University Hotel, Minneapolis, MN

April 28, 2007

To be held in conjunction with
Seventh 2007 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM 2007)

Theme Statement
Human and machine information processing and pattern discovery capabilities are 
natural complements to one another. Traditional data analysis techniques excel 
at uncovering anomalous or otherwise interesting patterns in large quantities of 
information, reducing great volume and complexity to human scale. On the other 
hand, humans can easily detect many patterns that computer software cannot, and 
human intelligence is uniquely able to to supervise automated analysis 
techniques to provide context and infer more significant meaning. The largely 
visual orientation of the human perceptual/cognitive system suggests that 
visualization approaches offer the most promising avenue for coupling machine 
and human pattern discovery and reasoning processes. Visualization and automated 
data analysis technologies have largely evolved independently of one another, 
however. This workshop will seek to explore the intersection between these 
fields, towards the goal of better defining the characteristics of 
next-generation problem solving tools. We will encourage submissions from a 
diverse range of fields, including not only the data analysis and visualization 
communities, but also researchers in the fields of cognitive and perceptual 
science, knowledge management, and linguistics. 

Topics of interest include:

  Visual data abstraction methods 
  Text visualization techniques 
  Spatial metaphors for data analysis results 
  Temporal data visualization metaphors 
  Visual integration of results of different types 
  Visual analysis of large graphs 
  Visual metaphors for relational data 
  Integrated visualization of raw data and analysis results 
  Real-world applications and case studies 
  Metrics and evaluation methods for visual analytics 
  Software architectures for visual data analytics 
  Perceptual and cognitive factors in visual data analytics 
  Interaction paradigms and human factors 


  Homeland Security 
  Web Data Analytics 
  Fraud Detection 
  Network Security and Intrusion Detection 
  Social Networks Analysis and Link Analysis 
  Business Intelligence Analysis 
  Knowledge Management 
  Health Data Analysis 
  Financial Data Analysis 
  Qualitative Research 
  Manufacturing and Maintenance Processes 
  Opinion Analysis 

Content and Format
The workshop will be a full day.  We will call for original papers from the 
community. Authors will make short presentations and we will allow sufficient 
time for discussions on related subjects. Depending on the number of quality 
papers accepted, we may also arrange for a keynote speaker in the field. 

Attendees are required to register for SDM 2007 so that no separate registration 
is needed for this workshop. 

Submission Requirements
To submit a paper, email your paper in PDF format to VisualDataAnalysis (at) 
comcast (dot) net. Papers should be printable on 8.5 × 11 paper only and do not 
exceed 12 pages in length using a 11 point font in two-column font with 1 inch 
margins. You will receive an acknowledgement upon receiving your submission. If 
you do not hear from us after one day, please contact anne.kao (at) boeing (dot) 

To guarantee consideration, manuscripts must be received by January 8, 2007. 
Submission of work in progress is also encouraged. 

Important Dates
Papers Due: January 8, 2007 
Notifications Sent: February 5, 2007 
Camera Ready: Final Papers due to workshop: February 19, 2007 

Contact information for organizers
  Anne Kao(primary contact)
  Boeing Phantom Works
  anne.kao (at) boeing (dot) com

  John Risch
  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  john.risch (at) pnl (dot) gov

Workshop contact email: VisualDataAnalysis (at) comcast (dot) net 

Program Committee
  Mihael Ankerst (Alliance)
  Jianping Fan (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
  Mark Greaves (Vulcan)
  Marko Grobelnik (J. Stefan Institute)
  Fred B. Holt (University of Washington)
  Dave Kasik (Boeing Information Technology)
  Daniel A. Keim (University of Konstanz)
  Sherry Marcus (21st Century Technololgies)
  Dunja Mladenic (J. Stefan Institute)
  Haesun Park (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  Simeon Simoff (University of Technology Sydney)
  Kirsten Whitley (DoD)
  Pak Chung Wong (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
  Jason Wu (Boeing Phantom Works)

Please see http://home.comcast.net/~visualdataanalysis/ for the latest workshop

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