[Infovis] Call for Papers - C&G Special Issue on Visual Analytics

Dr. David S. Ebert ebertd at ecn.purdue.edu
Wed Apr 19 02:16:25 CEST 2006

                       Call for Contributions

                         Computers & Graphics
                 - Special Issue on Visual Analytics -

                       vol. 31, no. 3, June 2007

Visual Analytics has become an increasingly important topic on both sides 
of the Atlantic and beyond. The integration of data mining technology and 
information visualization is evolving into a foundation for dealing with the rapidly 
growing amounts of data in very different areas. All scenarios share the basic 
idea to support the capabilities of the human mind by computer systems, which 
extract and compile information from heterogeneous sources and present them in an 
appropriate way to the user. At the technological level, achievements in 
visualization, data processing and analysis from the last two decades have 
to be integrated into this emerging field of research.

The International Journal "Computers & Graphics" has decided to dedicate a 
special issue to Visual Analytics. Contributions to this issue describing original 
research are solicited that contribute to the technical challenges posed by Visual 
Analytics. Thus, topics of interest - within the area of Visual Analytics - include, 
but are not limited to:

- Visual representations and new visual paradigms
- Integration with automated analysis, databases, statistics, design,
   perception, etc.
- Knowledge representation and semantics
- Data streams, data compression & feature extraction
- Scalability in problem size
- Data quality and uncertainty
- Data provenance
- Problem solving, decision science, human analytic discourse
- Evaluation methods
- User acceptability
- Synthesis of problems in applications

Papers for this special issue will be chosen from the submissions based
on their quality and originality. Papers published previously in
conferences should contain significant new material, while including the
previous version with the submission.

Please submit your manuscript via email to
cg-special-issue at igd.fraunhofer.de

Your email message should include the paper title, author names, contact
author address and email, abstract and attached PDF-file.

Important dates:
Email expression of interest:  as soon as possible
Submission of contribution:    July 31st, 2006
Notification (accept/reject):  October 4th, 2006
Final manuscripts:             December 22nd, 2006
Publication:                   June 2007

Please address all questions and correspondence regarding this special
issue to: cg-special-issue at igd.fraunhofer.de

Guest Editors:
Daniel Keim, University of Konstanz
David Ebert, Purdue University
Joern Kohlhammer, Fraunhofer IGD

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