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			     SOFTVIS '05
	       ACM Symposium on Software Visualization
		       St. Louis, Missouri, USA
			  14 - 15 May, 2005

Software visualization encompasses the development and evaluation of
methods for graphically representing different aspects of software,
including its structure, its abstract and concrete execution, and its
evolution. The SOFTVIS '05 symposium provides a forum for researchers
from different backgrounds (HCI, software engineering, programming
languages, visualization, computer science education) to discuss and
present original research on software visualization.
SOFTVIS '05 is the second meeting in a series of biennial conferences.
This year's event attracted more paper submissions than the first
iteration in 2003 -- an indication of the growing relevance of this
important research field.  The final program for the conference
includes twenty paper presentations and a poster session.  The program
is on-line at the conference Web page http://www.softvis.org/softvis05.

SOFTVIS '05 is co-located with International Conference on Software
Engineering (ICSE) in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.  Registration for
SOFTVIS '05 is coordinated through ICSE at


The deadline for early registration rates ends April 10, so we
encourage you to register as soon as possible.  In addition to early
registration, special rates are in effect for members of IEEE and ACM
and for students.

Steve Reiss
General Chair, SOFTVIS 05
spr at cs.brown.edu

Wim De Pauw and Tom Naps
Program co-Chairs, SOFTVIS 05
wim at us.ibm.com
naps at uwosh.edu

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