Infovis '99 Preliminary Program

Monday Tuesday
8:30 - 10:00 Keynote Address

Crossing the Information Visualization Chasm: From Innovation to Adoption
- Ben Shneiderman

- break -

10:30 - 12:00 Papers I: Understanding Time Dependent and Evolving Information

Cluster and Calendar based Visualization of Time Series Data
- J. van Wijk, E. van Selow

Visualizing Application Behaviour on SuperScalar Processors
- C. Stolte, R. Bosch, P. Hanrahan, M. Rosenblum

Sensemaking of Evolving Web Sites Using Visualization Spreadsheets
- E. Chi, S. Card, P. Pirolli

- lunch -

1:30 - 3:00 Papers II: Evaluation and Design of Visualization Systems

Does Animation Help Users Build Mental Maps of Spatial Information?
- B. Bederson, A. Boltman

Evaluating a Visualization of Image Similarity as a Tool for Image Browsing
- K. Rodden, W. Basalaj, D. Sinclair, K. Wood

Short paper: Domain Analysis: A Technique to Design a User-Centered Visualization Framework
- O. Espinosa, C. Hendrickson, J. Garrett Jr.

Short paper: A Framework for Focus+Context Visualization
- S. Bjork, L. Holmquist, J. Redstrom

- break -

3:30 - 5:00 Papers III: Investigating Hierarchies and Graphs:

Navigating Hierarchies with Structure-Based Brushes
- Y-H. Fua, M. Ward, E. Rudensteiner

Dynamic Hierarchy Specification and Visualization
- R. Wilson, R. Bergeron

Short paper: Cushion Treemaps
- J. van Wijk, H. van de Wetering

Short paper: 3D Interactive Visualization for Inter-Cell Dependencies of Spreadsheets
- H. Shiozawa, K. Okada, Y. Matsushita

- break -

5:15 - 6:00 Late Breaking Hot Topic Case Studies

Visualizing Situation Data Uncertainty Using Dempster-Shafer Evidential Reasoning
- P. Tinker, K. Resier, M. Daily, Y. Chen, J. Fox

Terrain Surface Visualization Using the Open GL API
- K. Matson and D. McAllister

Virtual Hazard Anaysis: A Methodology For The Chemical Industry
- R. Hale, B. Chadwell, G. Holderbaum, L. Modisette

A Combined Visualization Approach for WWW-Search Results
- T. Mann, H. Reiterer

Perceptual Cognition and The Design of Air Traffic Control Interfaces
- B. Fisher, J. Dill, M. Liljefors
8:30 - 10:00 Papers IV: Techniques for Broad-Scope Problems

Efficient Multi-Object Dynamic Query Histograms
- M. Derthick, A. Moore, S. Roth

Aggregate Towers: Scale Sensitive Visualization And Decluttering of GeoSpatial Data
- J. Rayson

VisageWeb: Visualizing WWW Data in Visage
- M. Higgins, P. Lucas, J. Senn

- break -

10:30 - 12:00 Late Breaking Hot Topics

Navigating Desktop GeoVirtual Environments
- S. Fuhrmann, A. MacEachren

Ordering Categorial Data to Improve Visualization
- S. Ma, J. Hellerstein

InfoStill: A Task-Oriented Framework for Analyzing Data Through Information Visualization
- K. Cox, S. Hibino, L. Hong, A. Mockus, G. Wills

ThemeRiver: In Search of Trends, Patterns, and Relationships
- S. Havre, B. Hetlzer, L. Nowell

A Multiple-Focus Visualization Technique Using Heat Models and Force-Directed Layout
- N. Osawa

Space Series: Simulation Display of Spatial and Temporal Data
- D. Glaser, M. Hearst

Evaluating Space-Filling Visualizations for Hierarchical Structures
- J. Stasko, M. Guzdial, K. McDonald

Visualizing Causal Relations
- C. Ware, E. Neufeld, L. Bartram

Visualization of Temporal Distances
- G. Scheuerman, T. Wischgoll

- lunch -

1:30 - 3:00 Papers VI: Data Mining and High Dimensional Visualization

The Automated Multidimensional Detective
- A. Inselberg, T. Avidan

Short paper: Visualizing Association Rules for Text Mining
- P. Wong, P. Whitney, J. Thomas

Short paper: A Java-based Visual Mining Infrastructure and Applications
- M. Hao, U. Dayal, M. Hsu, J. Baker, R. D'Eletto

Short paper: The Sunflower Visual Metaphor, a New Paradigm for Dimensional Compression
- S. Rose

Short paper: Constellation: A Visualization Tool for Linguistic Queries from MindNet
- T. Munzner, F. Guimbretiere, G. Robertson

- break -

3:30 - 5:00 Capstone Address

Cognitive Origins of Graphic Displays
- Barbara Tversky